"Before our first session with Kate, my wife and I were anxious and hesitant about seeing a therapist. We felt stuck and scared and really needed help. Kate immediately dissolved those feelings and helped us see ourselves and each other in a new, eye-opening way. She is incredibly kind, sensitive, patient, non-judgmental, and extremely good at what she does. She has this way of really helping you look at your personal challenges and relationship challenges from different perspectives and that was huge for us. We couldn’t recommend Kate highly enough."

- R. & A., lesbian couple


"Kate worked with me through a period of huge upheaval and transition--a death in the family, a major life shift, family reactions to my transition, and infidelity. I was a hot mess when I met her, and she helped me find the tools and the strength within myself to come out the other side stronger. Seeing Kate was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I am so thankful for everything she has done for me."

- E., agender queer adult


"Kate MacShane provides a welcoming, productive and engaging therapeutic environment that helps clients define their needs and derive benefit from therapy. My teenage daughter was experiencing profound depression when we first saw Kate. As a teen in transition (male to female), the sessions with Kate gave her a place outside her everyday existence to discuss and process what was happening in her life. This gave her the courage to try new things and break through many underpinning issues that were causing her depression. As a parent, I witnessed my daughter revive zest and enthusiasm for her future, and she is now independently taking charge of her growth, development and path forward. "

- E., parent of transgender teenager

“Kate's consultation was invaluable in teaching me about working with transgender clients. During a short period of time, she described a framework of thinking about gender identity and gave practical advice about specific therapeutic interventions. Kate provided exactly the sort of guidance I needed, delivered in a very supportive way that built up both my confidence and my skill level.  I am grateful for her expertise and kindness.”

- Elizabeth Malcolm, PsyD